Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can you say hot???

Beany, Kim and myself
Kim and me
Nita. She rocks at pitching

Very hot tonight for softball but nothing compared to last week. Last Wednesday was a whole lot of softball in a nice little thunderstorm. At one point, last week, as I was holding an aluminum bat, I thought, this doesn't seem so smart. I mean really? Standing in the middle of an open softball field, while thunder and lightening and I am holding an aluminum bat. Hmmm......

So tonight was super hot, about 80 degrees outside hot. But it was a great night. So many women and lots of bruises. At least they were not from this game or even this team. Most of the girls on the team play for mulitple teams, including me. At one point, Jen yells there is no crying in baseball, Lisa yells right back, this is softball I can cry if I want to. Nice. Way to go Lisa.

Many people were on a break from Family Camp. Me? Yeck no! We are not campers.

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