Sunday, August 3, 2008

My sister and her new family

Brandi, Don and Dakota
Don playing the bat air guitar
Jessica with Dakota
My baby sis Brandi got married not too long ago. So now she has a husband, who is terrific and a little bably born on July 24th, Dakota. He was thrown into our crazy family but we soon discovered he is crazy too. He fit right in. The kids had so much fun with Don.

More pics from the reunion

The kids playing some games
My baby sis cold and exhausted
A group of us playing LCR

On Saturday night the few that were brave enough to stay in the freezing cold. Whatever happened to summer? We played LCR. If you haven't heard of this game you are missing out. It is so much fun and you can play with however many people you choose. It is dice and pennies or whatever you choose to play with but it can go on for awhile.

My Family Reunion

Every other year, my mom's side of the family gets together at the Deming Logging Show. We usually have at least one game of softball, bonfires and lots and lots of food. This year was no different. This year we went on Friday night as well. It turned out to be a very good choice. My cousin had this bottle of what looked like apple cider. Heck no!!! He called it apple pie with a kick. Oh ya it definately had a kick. This year there was also a blues fesitval so we enjoyed music, family and lots of apple pie!

Saturday I met up with my long time friend Holly to pick some blueberries at my sisters farm and headed back the reunion. The best part of the whole weekend was seeing my baby sister with her new baby Dakota. She is such a cutie. Both of them. My sister was a trooper. She had a C-section 8 days ago and she was still there. Uncomfortable and very tired being a new mom, but what a trooper.

I took Dakota and loved on her the whole day. And get this people, I changed her and I fed her and just loved her to pieces. Yes I did. Change and fed!! She even wet through everything all over me, but I didn't want to hand her back. Were my kids really ever that small? She was so tiny.

She was born 8 lbs 4oz but she like about 5 pounds.

I will say when people asked to hold her I did oblige but they always gave her back to me. I was in heaven the whole weekend.

We went back to the campgrounds again this morning to have breakfast and say goodbye. How very sad to know it may be months before I see her again. I actually have plans to see her in a couple weeks. I am sure she would have grown so much by then.

We made the drive back home and will be ready to play some ball too. What a great weekend that has ended much too soon.

Laurie's good bye dinner

July 31st a few girls got together to wish Laurie well as she packed up her family to move to California. She was to hand her keys in the next morning. We had such a great time! When we got to Anthony's it was hard to find parking and by they time we left there only a few cars in the lot. Most were ours! We had some laughs and hugged our friend goodbye. We will miss you Laurie!