Saturday, June 21, 2008

More pictures at my sister's wedding

Jessa's volleyball team

Jess had a great volleyball season. She has improved so much and her once, barely get it over the net serve, now gets it over majority of the time. She has so much fun playing with the same girls year after year.

Brandy's Wedding

Me, Brandy and Tammy
Her bridal party
Brandy and Don before the mess
Brandy's wedding was anything but ordinary. Tammy and I wanted to be there for our little sister so we hopped in the car, with mom in tow, for a long car ride. I happily offered to drive. Mom just had surgery and Tammy has anything but a lead foot. We made a couple stops over but made it to Naches, 14 miles past Yakima in 3 hours. The ride back was a bit quicker. About 2.5, and that was making 2 stops.

We were not looking forward to the drive but seeing Brandy's face was so worth it! We had some great pictures taken and make that 6 hour trip worth the 1.5 hours spending it with her and her new husband. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wii Fit Fun

Just one of the many, many fun games on wii fit.

Big shocker

So after the folklife festival and trying the wii fit, it took all of 3 days before we bought one.

I have to say it is better than going to the gym. It is very much a work out. We invited people over to have a wii game night. It was very entertaining and I can say, thank goodness there are straps for those things.... Sean kept hitting the window and I am pretty sure I did too.

Heather is the queen of bowling and Sean liked the softball. We say stick to what you know.

Keith came after work and saw just how much of a work out you can get. I am pretty sure he had wished I had not talked Kim into coming over. She is hooked. Doesn't take much when you can get the whole family in on it.