Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brandy's Wedding

Me, Brandy and Tammy
Her bridal party
Brandy and Don before the mess
Brandy's wedding was anything but ordinary. Tammy and I wanted to be there for our little sister so we hopped in the car, with mom in tow, for a long car ride. I happily offered to drive. Mom just had surgery and Tammy has anything but a lead foot. We made a couple stops over but made it to Naches, 14 miles past Yakima in 3 hours. The ride back was a bit quicker. About 2.5, and that was making 2 stops.

We were not looking forward to the drive but seeing Brandy's face was so worth it! We had some great pictures taken and make that 6 hour trip worth the 1.5 hours spending it with her and her new husband. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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